Acquisition & Disposition

Strategic Real Estate Advisors employs an acquisition strategy that actively screens properties and conducts the necessary market-grounded research to acquire the appropriate assets that best meet the strategic needs of our client’s property investment/development objectives.

Through our disposition strategic framework SREA achieves a substantially higher selling price for most land and a higher probability of timely closing by first investigating the asset as a potential development or redevelopment project. Our objective is to create value by defining the potential development or redevelopment scenarios available to potential buyers of our client’s property. We create the upside investment opportunity for our client’s property.

Acquisition and Disposition services include:

  • Deal sourcing and field reconnaissance
  • Marketing plans
  • Broker management
  • Negotiation of letter of intent and purchase sales agreement
  • Comprehensive due diligence
  • Site visits with specialized consultants to determine zoning, construction feasibility, utilities access, existing easements and geographic terrain and whether site meets the client’s objective
  • Coordinate all site visits, various tests by other specialized consultants, and pre-construction walks
  • Order preliminary title report with all exceptions and supporting documents
  • Obtain as-built drawings, where appropriate
  • Coordinate legal review of all documents with client’s legal counsel to ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Coordinate environmental assessments
  • Attend and participate in weekly deployment meetings to discuss project status and to obtain and provide necessary input from project team
  • Financing
  • Disposition analysis
  • Legal and escrow coordination and review
  • Coordinate with client’s legal counsel to obtain title objections and cures
  • Identify acquisition and or fee build opportunities for client’s business model, based on location, product mix, price point and voids in the market place
  • Establish land planning strategies for raw land acquisitions to address voids in the market place
  • Expand builders sphere of influence with strategic relationships to expand business model opportunities