Product Development

Product Type, Product Mix, Product Pricing and Product Segmentation

This area of services expands upon the comprehensive market feasibility study and drills down into the specific product type, product mix, product pricing, product segmentation and features required based on the in-depth buyer profile in the submarket. SREA works with clients on identifying the grade of lots, lot price allocation based on the grade of the final home price positioning establishing a market segmentation and overall community product matrix that accelerates the home sales pace.

SREA also has significant expertise in strategic Repositioning of Lot Inventory and Housing Inventory. We work with clients to identify current market segmentation and housing product mix in order to establish a benchmark for re-setting pricing based on current market conditions.

SREA provides consulting services to clients, architects and interior designers on the final plans, interior and exterior features for each product type and the selection process for third party purchasers.