Operations Management

Because each of our clients’ companies and communities are distinctive, assembling management staff, services and programs requires a strategic approach in order to provide exemplary outcomes.  SREA understands how to bring that distinctive skill set to a company or community by employing and operating in a fiscally responsible manner while providing exceptional services.

Operations Management Services include:

  • Oversee the operations and management of the business plan and marketing plan
  • Evaluate, report and revise goals, objectives, and priorities as appropriate with client
  • Work with client on the development strategies as it relates to land plan, market segmentation, housing product, landscape plans, engineering, amenities, entry designs, model home point of sale, merchandising, sales and marketing from launch, build-out, and sell-through
  • Financial and budget forecasting
  • Policy and procedure development and revisions
  • Staff procurement
  • Program and processes development
  • Training
  • Community management
  • Operational assessment