What Happens if Millennials Never Enter the Housing Market?

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Millennials’ supposed lack of interest of becoming homeowners is often blamed for the market’s slowing recovery, but some experts say the generation shouldn’t shoulder all of the fault. Anthony Hsieh, founder and CEO of mortgage company loanDepot, says lack of innovation and too tight regulations are draining the housing market’s revival. “Private capital is not

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GEORGIA ONE OF THE 6 Hot Spots for Retirees

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As the housing recovery rolls on, baby boomers and empty-nesters may be looking to finally downsize and trade-in for a retirement home in a new locale. Kiplinger recently ranked the top states in which to retire based on special tax breaks for seniors, easy access to amenities, and active lifestyle opportunities for older adults.  The

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Why No City Can Afford to Forget About Seniors

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Traditionally, mayors and economic developers have focused their efforts on making their communities great places for families, emphasizing good schools, up-to-date infrastructure, and low crime rates. Over the past decade or so, increasing attention has been paid to attracting younger talent. But one age group has factored much less in the conversation: older Americans. 10,000

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